VenueX now supports Apple Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)

We’re thrilled to announce that VenueX is supporting the Apple Indoor Maps Program. VenueX manages the export of Indoor Mapping Data Formatted maps which are used to enable Apple indoor positioning and navigation within the venue apps. IMDF maps are also used for the Apple Maps indoor feature.


About Apple Indoor Maps Program

Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) provides a generalized, yet comprehensive data model for any indoor location, creating a basis for orientation, navigation and discovery. IMDF is output as an archive of GeoJSON files.

Apple uses IMDF to provide Indoor Positioning support with Core Location that opens many opportunities for a wide range of consumer and enterprise location-based apps and websites.

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How VenueX Works?

VenueX creates detailed geo-referenced indoor maps of your properties that can be used in your own apps and within Apple Maps.

VenueX also provides a complete platform for indoor mapping including a Content Management System (CMS) to maintain your venue, development SDKs to build apps, and robust integration APIs. VenueX is currently used by many shopping centers, airports, hospitals and universities.

Using Apple’s indoor positioning technology that requires no additional hardware deployment, VenueX provides real-time indoor positioning and wayfinding capabilities.

VenueX Features

Indoor Mapping

Provides most updated and detailed floor plans for visitors.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning and mapping system will save both your visitors’ and your time.


Visitors will reach their desired destination much more easily.

Content Management

With VenueX, you can easily update all your content and apply any changes instantly through CMS panel.


Organize and convert all the data on your venue by using the VenueX API and transform your indoor venue to an ‘explorable’ one. By using VenueX API, you can build new apps in any developing language that you prefer.