Meet VenueX now and help your business break down the walls.

Before & After

Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping is a system that creates maps of indoor areas based on the existing infrastructure used in standart navigation apps.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning is a system that locates people as well as objects inside a venue.

How it Works

VenueX thought everything through so that the
system works like clockwork and business runs smoothly.


With VenueX you will be able have full control over your business data, which in turn will
benefit you all through the marketing process. This will guarantee a unique experience
for your visitors.

Indoor Mapping

Will provide most updated and detailed floor plans for visitors.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning and mapping system will save both your visitors’ and your time.


Visitors will reach their desired destination much more easily.

Proximity Marketing

Location-based targeting tools will help you deliver your message effectively.


Analytical data (search, indoor traffic and frequency, dwell time, entrance path analytics) will provide the system administrator with detailed information.


Whether it is a shopping mall, a supermarket, or a shop, the easier you provide access to a product, the more profit you will be make. You can start making a difference now with the unique possibilities offered by VenueX. While increasing traffic flow, you can catch the zeitgeist and enhance customer satisfaction.



Public Venues

Private Venues