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Enhance visitor experience by providing your indoor maps, navigation and business data across online maps and directories.

Indoor Maps & Navigation

Provide your venue's indoor maps and navigation data across Google Maps, Apple Maps and other online directories, so as to simplify the navigation of visitors and boost sales

Venue Business Data

Connect with shoppers through consistent and up-to-date online business profiles across all platforms, such as your address, opening hours and contact information.

Occupant Business Data

Ensure that every single store in your venue connects with their customers through accurate online business listings to maximize footfall.

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Retail Stores

Promote in-store inventory online, increase your retail sales and gain an edge over e-commerce.

Store Product Data

Grant visitors the power to search for a specific product and see which stores have it in stock, or to browse the entire inventory of a single store.

Local Inventory

Join the “From Click to Brick” trend and bring your local store online. Choose where to drive consumers after a click on a local inventory listing.

Measure Performance

Monitor the foot traffic driven to your store prompted by online product queries, and measure the impact on in-store sales.

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Build custom solutions using our rich developer environment and tools for your clients or to advance your core product.