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Store Product Data

Grant visitors the power to search for a specific product and see which stores have it in stock, or to browse the entire inventory of a single store.

Visibility of in-store inventory directly helps convert omnichannel customers-the most loyal and engaged segment of shoppers - who look up a product online prior to visiting the store.

Take control over how you promote your in-store products. Drive awareness of new store locations, divert foot traffic from competitors, boost visits during promotional periods. Advertise specific products at specific stores, instead of discounting all merchandise across all locations.

Local Inventory

Join the “From Click to Brick” trend and bring your local store online. Choose where to drive consumers after a click on a local inventory listing. Provide a local digital storefront experience, and add yet another sales channel to increase sales as well as brand awareness. Sell on your digital storefront and ship the product right out of your store.

Measure Performance

Monitor the foot traffic driven to your store prompted by online product queries, and measure the impact on in-store sales. Customize tracking and reporting to suit your needs. Draw meaningful insights, and shape your marketing and sales strategy accordingly.