Get Found Online

Broadcast your business details to online platforms such as search engines, main directories and maps to connect with potential and existing customers, and drive them in-store.

Bring Online Shoppers In-store

Make your inventory visible to shoppers who search for your products online and drive them in-store.Leverage our analytics tool to monitor the foot traffic driven in-store prompted by online product queries.

See What Shoppers Want

Merge online and offline touchpoints to create one uninterrupted and smooth customer journey.

A digital bridge across platforms

Through our one-stop-shop solution that ensures secure API’s, your in-store business details, inventory and product feed are shared to online platforms.

Promote in-store products online

Drive awareness of stores

Let customers see what’s in-store

Build your online local storefront

Offer store pickup options

Control your online presence

Measure performance

Advertise products at specific stores