Emaar Square Mall

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About Emaar Square Mall

Built by Dubai-based Emaar Properties, Emaar Square Mall opened its doors on April 28, 2017. The mall has more than 240 stores including the 2,400 seat capacity multi-story cinema, spectating terraces, entertainment ar eas, restaurants and cafes, traditional Turkish market, Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Emaar Square Mall





Emaar Square Mall Offers Indoor Navigation Opportunity to its Visitors in Partnership with Venuex


The time that is spent in the shopping malls is increasing with each passing day as the malls have become the new living spaces. Visitors are having a hard time finding their ways in those wide areas where they spend long hours. Emaar Square Mall which has 150.000 m² leasable area, was often getting visitor complaints about having difficulties in finding their ways. Visitors who can pinpoint their location and get the directions to their destination with global mapping apps, were totally helpless in indoor venues since the navigation technology could not be transferred into indoors. That problem gained more importance as the shopping malls grew larger and the time spent in them became longer.

"Enabling our visitors to find the stores they are looking for easier is one of our objectives in Emaar Square Mall, considering the width of its area and store variety. We have been trying to help our visitors find what they are looking for easily with indoor signs and smart screens. We added a new alternative for our customers with this innovation."

Ebru Derindere, Snr. Marketing Manager, Emaar Turkey



Emaar Square Mall has decided to cooperate with Venuex to solve this problem. Venuex is making venues visible on the global field by transferring indoor maps to popular mapping applications. With this, venues find their places on popular platforms and visitors reach the point they want swiftly without needing any extra applications.

"We are both expanding our brand awareness to global dimensions and maximizing visitor satisfaction by appearing in the global mapping applications that are currently used by our visitors such as Apple Maps and Google Maps."

Ebru Derindere, Snr. Marketing Manager, Emaar Turkey

Emaar Square Mall visitors will be able to arrive in a location from another in indoor venues in a problem-free way via using global mapping applications. Venues will be more accessible while the customer satisfaction rises. This way, businesses will increase their online visibilities by appearing on global platforms, while visitors enjoy shopping