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Increase in-store visits and sales by showcasing products and in-store inventory to millions of online shoppers searching for nearby results.

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Today’s shopping experience begins long before shoppers set foot in stores: It starts with online research.


Although exploring and comparing products online has become a passion for shoppers, many still want to experience goods in the offline world before purchasing. 

And now, shoppers desire to reach out to the nearby results of what they search for online. 


Optimize every digital channel that impacts offline discovery and purchasing. Drive traffic and sales to your stores with the online visibility of your local-level inventory.

Make your products and local inventory visible online with VenueX.


Serve your products and local inventory feeds to multiple platforms.

Make certain that any change in your local inventory is pushed onto different search engines, maps, and marketplaces via direct integrations established with VenueX’s partner network immediately, ensuring all the information and format requirements of each platform are accurately met.

Manage your product and local inventory feeds from a one-stop merchant platform.

Instead of a massive digital effort to push your product and in-store inventory data across multiple platforms, deal with a centralized platform that ensures full synchronization across the web at once.


Drive more organic traffic to your website with improved online visibility.

Introduce your brand, stores, and products to a wider audience of online shoppers by showcasing your products and in-store inventory on multiple channels.

Turn online searchers into foot traffic and boost sales.

Attract online shoppers in-store by promoting nearby inventory results. Trigger exponential in-store traffic and boost in-store sales.


Unlock innovations for your digital marketing strategy.

Create appealing digital campaigns targeting customized local audiences. Offer additional delivery solutions such as Click & Collect or Curbside Pickup that allow you to create added value for customers.

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